Testimonial from Nausheen A., Florida – Arya Esha

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  • Testimonial from Nausheen A., Florida

    When my husband and I were married he was a struggling intern in training.  Buying a ring was a financial burden and I did not want to put a financial strain on our new marriage.  We both assumed I would get one in a couple of years. Well, that couple of years turned into 3 kids, and 10 years. My husband said we are going to get your ring for our 10th anniversary!  We started shopping and visited jewelry stores and the experience was always the same. It was pre set rings and nothing seemed unique.  I wanted something simple and classic looking.  Every jeweler I met were the same.  They raved about their jewelry and said they were the best. They did not seem to care about me and my needs.  They just wanted a sale and would push me to buy bigger diamonds.  I was giving up in the process because it started to seem tedious.  Then a friend introduced me to Priyanka.  From the moment I met her I felt her energy and passion for her precious stones.   She immediately took an interest in me.  A genuine interest.  She listened to all my details and was very patient with me.  It was a completely different experience working with a designer.  She made it fun.  The best part was I never felt pressured.  She cared more about my happiness and satisfaction than making a sale.  When we found the size, cut, and clarity we were looking for the process was so smooth.  She even let my kids come over to view her diamonds!  So brave!  If anyone has the chance or opportunity to work with Priyanka please do yourself a favor and seize that moment.  She added so much charm to my ring.  I absolutely love it! The best part  is my husband knows exactly who to go to when picking out jewelry!  Thank you, Priyanka we enjoyed working with you every step of the way.  This ring will be in our family for generations to come!