A How To: Design Your Dream Ring March 19, 2018 17:54 4 Comments

The first sentence women hear after getting engaged: “Let me see the ring!” Designing an engagement ring can seem overwhelming. Here’s a step-by-step process that will help you get to your perfect ring.

Step 1: Stone Shape

The first step is to decide what stone shape you want. Here are a few of the most common shapes, with round being the most popular choice.

1. Round

 2. Oval

3. Cushion

4. Emerald

5. Pear

Step 2: Stone Size

When considering the size of your stone make sure to also consider the color and clarity you prefer. Sometimes it’s better to choose a slightly smaller stone to get a higher color and clarity. It's very hard to see any yellow or brown coloring in a stone with a higher color. When a stone has higher clarity, its imperfections are harder to see with the naked eye. Both of these affect how sparkly your stone appears.


Step 3: Metal Types

The finish and type of metal you choose for your ring will impact the look and feel of the design. Here are some popular metal types. 

The pink finish of Rose Gold brings a unique feminine twist to any look.


White Gold is perfect for the girl who wants a more casual look. This more neutral finish simple can go with any look.


Yellow Gold is for the girl who takes risks with her outfits. This metal adds a statement to any look.


The refined and classy finish of platinum adds a glamorous look. 


Step 4: Setting


The Solitaire design is a traditional wedding setting. This classic setting calls for a laid-back look. 


A Halo setting features a center stone surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. This glamorous setting is for the girl who isn’t afraid to dress up.


The Pave setting is subtle, like the Solitaire setting, with a touch of sparkle. Pave is accented with small diamonds on the band. This setting belongs to the girl who likes the feel of a Solitaire but wants a little more bling.

The Three-Stone setting is characterized by a large stone in the middle flanked by two stones on each side. This romantic ring tells your love story by representing the past, present, and future. 


The Bezel setting, unlike any other setting, completely covers the sides of the diamond, leaving only the top visible. This dainty setting is perfect for the girl who loves fashion but doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. 

What’s your dream engagement ring? Leave us a comment down below!