Trend Alert: Mom Jeans December 7, 2017 14:40

Mom jeans have become über fashionable, seemingly over night. Unlike typical jeans, mom jeans are loose, high waisted, and light washed. Here are a few examples of how to style mom jeans with Arya Esha jewelry.


Jewels featured: Galaxy Mini Comet Earrings. Photo Cred: Chelsea Jade 

Add a pop of color with a patterned top. Blogger Chelsea Jade rocks a tied-up floral top, which complements the shape of her mom jeans. Our Galaxy Mini Comet Earrings in Lemon Quartz brings out the yellow in Chelsea's shirt.  


Jewels featured: One-of-a-Kind Heart Book Cocktail Ring. Photo Cred: Sheila Mae Diezmo

Glam up your mom jeans with luxe pieces. Blogger Sheila Mae Diezmo does just that by adding a fur coat to give her an effortlessly chic look. Our One-of-a-Kind Heart Book Cocktail Ring is the perfect luxe accessory.  


Jewels Featured: One-of-a-Kind Diatonic Moonstone & Tourmalated Quartz Cuff. Photo Cred: Claudia Erban  

Make it edgy with dark tones and leather. Blogger Claudia Erban styles her mom jeans with leather, leather, and more leather! The black diamonds and neutral tones in our One-of-a-Kind Diatonic Cuff accents this rock star look. 

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