Fashion Weeks 2018 Round-Up March 12, 2018 20:02 2 Comments

Now that the seasons are changing, we can focus on what's most important: fashion. New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week all took place in February. These fashion event set trends for upcoming seasons. Here's a list of the top three trends from each city fashion week.

New York Fashion Week Trends

Canary Yellow

Photo Creds: World At 5 
Jewels featured: Galaxy East-West Mini Orbit Ring, Galaxy Double Orbit Mini Ring, and Galaxy Lara Mini Ring

We love canary yellow because it makes an effortless statement. Whether it’s a scarf or oversized coat, adding this bright yellow to your wardrobe is a great way to incorporate bold colors into spring outfits. To accessorize this look, bring in some jewel-toned jewelry pieces, like purple amethyst or blue topaz.

Animal Print

Photo Creds: Vogue

Jewels featured: Galaxy Ares Stud Earrings

Animal print offers variety to any outfit. To make a striking statement, wear multiple animal prints. For example, a leopard print dress and zebra print shoes. For something more subtle, wear animal printed accessories -- such as cheetah print shoes with a neutral colored tone look. Accent the animal print with opal or moonstone studs to balance your look. 

Ethereum Silver

Photo creds: The Zoe Report

Jewels featured: Daytime Diamond "V" if for VictoryDaytime Diamond Line Ring, and Cocktail Diamond Marc Ring.

Like the canary yellow, ethereum silver can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. This beautiful metallic silver will have all heads turning, especially when you add some white gold diamond rings to your outfit. Fun fact: this color was inspired by the cryptocurrency, Ethereum.  

Paris Fashion Week Trends


Photo creds: Team Peter Stigter

Jewels Featured: Daytime Diamond Skyler Bangle

Sequins can seem intimidating at first, but with the right styling, you can make a classy statement. Try pairing a sequin top with blush colored gemstones and rose gold jewelry. These pink pieces exude a certain softness that ties together the entire look. 


Photo Creds: The Zoe Report

Jewels Featured: Lava Bloom Earrings 

Plaid adds a classy edge look. You can match a solid top with a plaid pant or skirt. If you want to stand out, take a lesson from this model and add a plaid coat to any neutral toned outfit. To add an extra edge, wear blackened white gold earrings.

Power Suits

Photo creds: Fashionista 

Jewels Featured: Daytime Diamond Pearl Deco Studs

Look like a boss in a stunning power suit. If you want to dip your toe into the trend, start sporting subtle colored suits like gray, navy, or black. Add pearl studs to complete the look. Kick it up a notch and trade in your subtle suits for something bolder, like pastel pink or patterns.

Milan Fashion Week Trends

Neon Colors

Photo creds: The Upcoming

Jewels Featured: Daytime Diamond Vertex Earrings and Daytime Diamond Modular Geo Earrings

Neon colors transition any look from winter to spring. Just the smallest neon can go a long way in making any outfit spring-ready. Yellow gold earrings highlight this pop of neon. 

Waist Belts


Photo creds: Vogue

Jewels Featured: Circumference Choker, Short Rocket Stud Earrings, and Long Rocket Stud Earrings

Waist belts come in multitudes of colors and add some spunk to the look. Try matching a waist belt with a simple jumpsuit, romper, or dress. A simple gold choker can highlight your neckline by mirroring the silhouette of your waist belt.  


Photo creds: Vogue

Jewels Featured: Galaxy Mini Orbit Ring and Galaxy Ares Mini Ring

Be a rebel and take a risk with leather. Bring some rock 'n' roll into your look with leather boots or jackets. To accessorize this look, rock some pastel colored gemstones.  

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