Celebrating Birth With Birthstones April 2, 2018 12:41 4 Comments

For centuries, birthstones have connected people to their birth month. Each stone has meaningful symbolism that is specific to each month. Birthstones add the perfect personal touch to any look. Here’s a breakdown of each month’s gemstone, what it symbolizes, and how it can be incorporated into your everyday look.

January – Garnet

Symbolizes Friendship and Trust.

Trust us when we say this: match your garnet jewelry with mustard, gray, or blue. 

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February – Purple Amethyst

Symbolizes Balance.

Wear your purple piece with a yellow, pink, or orange outfit.


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March – Aquamarine

Symbolizes Youth, Health, and Hope.

Try pairing silver, coral, or gold with aquamarine.


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April – Diamond

Diamond Symbolizes Love.

A diamond is a girl's best friend because it goes with everything. 

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May – Emerald 

Symbolizes Rebirth.

The pink hue of coral is a great accent to the deep green of an emerald stone.

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June – Pearl

Symbolizes Natural Beauty.

Pearls complement the colors it's around. To bring out the shine of pearls, wear them with blue, purple, or green.

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July – Ruby

Symbolizes Wisdom.

When wearing summer whites and pastels consider accessorizing with ruby to add a bold pop of color to your look.

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August – Peridot

Symbolizes Power.

When wearing neutral colors, like brown and tan, use peridot to brighten up your look. 


September – Sapphire

Symbolizes Loyalty.

Wear blue sapphire with lighter shades of blue to colorblock your look. 


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October – Opal

Symbolizes Confidence.

Have confidence and wear Ethiopian opal with anything; with its numerous colors, you can never go wrong! The lighter hues of the Ethiopian Opal highlight the colors you pair with it. 

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November – Citrine

Symbolizes Healing.

Try styling citrine with dark blue denim or fall-colored corduroy.


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December – Turquoise

Symbolizes Protection Against Darkness.

Give a nod to summer days and match turquoise with tangerine or lime.

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