A Subtle Statement August 8, 2017 12:13

Studs are some of the most versatile earrings a woman can own. They can go from day to night, all you have to do is a wardrobe change. Wear your studs with jeans and a t-shirt and you look nicely put together without being too overdone. Take those same studs with a dress, some heels and your hair tied up and suddenly you are ready for a night out without having to change your accessories. Studs are the happy medium for when you want to look nice in everyday clothes, but still classy in a dress.

Take our Galaxy Ares studs for examples. Pair them with jeans and a cute t-shirt and viola! Now you’re comfortable, but the studs dress up your outfit ever so slightly.

Now you’re ready to go out to dinner. Keep on the Ares studs and pair them with a little black dress and heels. Same accessories, different look, no hassle.

And that’s just some of the ways you can use studs to make a subtle statement.